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Session 1: The Basics

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This session introduces the key concepts that give DSLR’s more flexibility to capture the image.   You’ll understand the basic settings of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and how they influence the result and give you more choices to not miss the shot you want.

Session 2: Advanced DSLR

We’ll explore settings in more depth and apply those to real-world examples such as sports, low light & night, & portraits.   By end, you’ll start to feel comfortable taking your camera out of that “Auto” mode and using the other modes that give you more control.

Session 3: Organizing & Post Processing

Struggling with what to do with all those pictures?  This session will walk through how to organize photos and process them for viewing or printing.  Some easy steps can help a photo turn out as you want or repair small issues.  We’ll include an overview of popular applications.

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